International Journal of Innovative Horticulture: Considering the needs for dissemination of science based knowledge among scientists for the furtherance of horticulture science on request of members from across the country and abroad, it was felt essential to bring out a journal. Accordingly, an International Journal of Innovative Horticulture (IJIH) was started. Peer reviewers are of national and international repute. The first issue of the journal was launched by His Excellency, Governor of Karnataka at Bangalore. The Journal published by CHAI, has an international look and shall consider original papers on multi-disciplinary aspects. The journal is published bi-annually. The types of papers include Research, Reviews, Case studies, New cultivars and new technologies, Commentaries and opinions, Policy issues, Abstract of Ph.D. thesis, Book Reviews, Features, Colloquia and Workshops. The 5 volumes have been published and the NAAS also enlisted the Journal with the rating of 2.87. 6th volume (2017) of the Journal is in process of publication.

Vol 13 Number 1 2024

Volume 13, Number 1, 2024
Integrating legumes in advancement of horticulture: 1
Current and future perspectives
Gómez Herrera, Melanie , Chaves, Guadalupe, Traffano
Schiffo, Ma. Victoria, Gómez, Andrea and Avanza,
Ma. Victoria
Digital citriculture: Soil fertility and plant nutrition 8
A.K. Srivastava
Unfolding the nutritional and health benefits of 26
dragon fruit (Selenicereus spp.): A review
Kundan Kishore, Ankita Sahu and Pallavi Jha
Exogenous ethylene induced degreening in colour 40
development of citrus fruits: An overview
Heiplanmi Rymbai, V.K. Verma, H.D. Talang,
M.B. Devi, R. Teja, D. Rymbai and J. Mawlein
Ionome composition and interactions in ‘Golden 49
Delicious’ apple trees on calcareous soils
Mohammad Saeed Tadayon, Kobra Saghafi and Seyed
Majid Mousavi
Effect of fertigation scheduling for growth, yield 59
and quality of mango (cv. Langra ) in Kymore
plateau of Madhya Pradesh
T.K. Singh and Akhilesh Kumar
Efficacy of integrated management on control 63
of citrus decline: A case study
Javad Sarhadi, Saber Heidari, Mehri Sharif and Seyed
Majid Mousavi
Graft- take success in walnut under controlled 69
conditions of Kashmir Valley
Rifat Bhat and Sharbat Hussain
Evaluation of organic nutrient management 79
practices on cabbage yield, nutrient uptake and
soil properties
Uttam Shivran, S.S. Lakhawat, Monu Choudhari, Ayushi
Jain and Gajendra Chawla
Effect of blanching time, slice thickness and 81
drying temperature on antioxidant activity and
curcumin content of turmeric rhizome
(var. Salem)
Ravina G. Parmar and Mukesh N. Dabhi
Exploring the Phytophthora-induced gummosis 89
in mature Nagpur mandarin (Citrus reticulata
Blanco) orchards in central India
U. R. Sangle, Pralay Ambagade and A.K. Das
Effect of gibberellic acid and salicyclic 93
acid on growth and yield of statice
(Limonium sinuatum)
Varsha T. Chaudhari, Shalini A. Badge, Ommala
Kuchanwar, Seema A. Thakre and Anup Gadekar
DRIS norms for identification of yield limiting 96
nutrients in acid lime orchards of Viajaypura
district of Karnataka
Ambareesh Nemu Jadhav, B. Savita, R.B. Negalur,
G.R. Rajkumar, M.S. Heena and S.S. Anjum

Vol 12 Number-1 2023

Volume 12, Number 1, 2023
Climate Resilient and Sustainable Development of
Horticulture-Options and Opportunities- A Review 1
H.P. Singh and N K Srinivasa Rao
Bio-intensive Pest Management Approaches for
Recently Invaded Invasive Insect Pests of
Horticultural Crops in India 15
S.N. Sushil, Gundappa B., M. Sampathkumar, K.
Selvaraj and A.N. Shylesha
Diagnostics for Production of Disease
Free Planting Material of Potato 31
Ravinder Kumar and Bir Pal Singh
Towards Self Reliance: Technology Development
for Coconut, Cocoa, and Arecanut 50
Anitha Karun, K. Muralidharan and S. Jayasekhar
Effects of Different Mycorrhiza Species and
P Doses on the Growth and Phosphorus Uptake
of Bell Pepper Plants in Field Conditions 73
Ibrahim Ortas
Performance of Elite Clones Versus Commercially 79
Grown Dashehari Mango under Sub-tropical
A.K. Singh and C.P. Singh
Performance of Acid Lime Cultivars in Laterite
Soils of Andhra Pradesh 83
Mukunda Lakshmi, L. K.T.Venkata Ramana,
D.Sreenivas Reddy and T. Rajasekharam
Stage Wise Water Requirement for Drip Irrigated
Acid Lime Orchards in Rayalaseema Region of
Andhra Pradesh 87
L Mukunda Lakshmi, K.T. Venkata Ramana,
P.S. Shigure, A.K. Srivastava and P. Prakash Patil
Optimizing Yields in Sweet Orange (Citrus sinensis
Osbeck) through Phenology based Nutrition 92
L. Mukunda Lakshmi. K.T. Venkata Ramana,
D.Sreenivas Reddy and T. Rajasekharam
Evaluation of Acid Lime (Citrus aurantifolia
Swingle) Clones for Growth, Yield and Quality
Attributes 97
Gowthami O.N.S., Mukunda Lakshmi
L., Sreenivas Reddy D., Rajasekharam T.
and Vinaya Kumar Reddy P.
Yield Response of Rhizosphere Hybridization
in Khasi Mandarin 102
Medolenuo Dzüvichü, Pauline Alila, Sentirenla
Jamir, S.P. Kanaujia,Waluniba and A. K. Srivastava
Incidence of Major Insect Pests of Tomato
Influenced by Environmental Factors in
Western Manipur 109
Rhodesh Salam, Hijam Shila Devi,
Yengkhom Suraj Singh, Imtinaro L,
H. Meronbala Devi and Waluniba
Genetic Variability and Character Association
Studies in Frenchbean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.)
Genotypes under Foot Hill Condition of
Nagaland 114
Nongothung Murry, Pankaj Kumar Shah
and S. P. Kanaujia
Efficacy of Different Trap Crops Against
Serpentine Leaf Miner in Tomato (Solanum
lycopersicum L.) 122
Imnuksungla Lemtor, Imtinaro. L, Rokozeno
and Hijam Shila Devi

Vol 11 Number-2 2022

Volume 11, Number 2, 2022
Seven decades of vegetables research in India 135
Pradeepkumar T., Peter K.V. and Sangeetakutty M.
Seven decades of potato research in India:
achievements and future thrusts 158
Bir Pal Singh, Brajesh Singh, Milan Kumar Lal
Seventy five years of research and development in
cauliflower and cabbage: A journey from temperate
to tropicalization and aristocrats to commoners 184
Shrawan Singh, Pritam Kalia, Chander Parkash,
Sandeep Kumar, Brij Bihari Sharma
and Swati Saha
Seven decades of research on oil palm in India 198
P. Rethinam and P. Murugesan
Seventy five years of research and development
in arid and semi-arid fruit crops 214
A.K. Singh, D.S. Mishra and B.D. Sharma
Seventy five years of research and development 228
in date palm (Phoenix dactylifera L.)
R.K. Meena and B.D. Sharma
Production of high-value compounds and
innovative future products from banana:
creation of robust circular economy 243
Uma S., Suresh Kumar P. and Amelia Keran D.
Soil fertility management in fruit crops amidst
climate change: a review 259
A.K. Srivastava
Food safety issues in spices and herbs - Indian
perspective: A review 274
Rita K. Israni and S.C. Khurana
Status of biodiversity in bamboos of India 288
Harshita Negi, Salil Tewari, Ashutosh Dubey,
Rajesh Kaushal and Pallavi Bhatt

Vol 11 Number-1 2022

Volume 11, Number 1, 2022
Seventy five years of research and development 1
in genetic resources of horticultural crops
S. K. Malik, Manuj Awasthi and Anuradha Agrawal
Fruit breeding in India: Achievements and way 11
B.N.S. Murthy, M. Sankaran and P.S. Nitin
Seventy five years of research and development 24
in arid fruit crops
P.L.Saroj, D.K.Sarolia and B.D.Sharma
Papaya research and development in India 36
- a review
M.R. Dinesh, Vasugi, C. and Pradeep Kumar
Seventy five years of research and development 47
in litchi
Vishal Nath, Narayan Lal, Sanjay Kumar Singh,
Swapnil Pandey and Krishna Prakash
Post-independence scenario of table grape 62
cultivation in India
R.G. Somkuwar and Dhananjay N. Gawande
Five decades of research and development 70
of Kiwi fruit in India
K.K. Jindal, D.P. Sharma and Vishal S. Rana
Technological innovations in commercial high 78
tech horticulture, vertical farming and landscaping
R.V.S.K. Reddy, J. Omprasad and T. Janakiram
Contribution of microbiology in horticulture 92
in last 7 decades
Jyoti Bajeli, P.N. Rai and A.K. Sharma
Seventy five years of research and development 96
in nutraceuticals in horticultural crops
Dinesh Kumar and Manju Gurjar
Seventy five years of research in processing 103
and product pevelopment in plantation
crops - coconut, arecanut and cocoa
K.B. Hebbar, Pandiselvam R, Shameena Beegum
P.P. , Ramesh S.V., Manikantan M.R. and
Mathew A.C.
Assessment of seed spice squashes from dill, 120
fennel and coriander
Neelima Garg, Sanjay Kumar, Preeti Yadav,
Kaushlesh K. Yadav and Gopal Lal
Seasonal variations for oil content and fatty acid 124
composition in oil palm hybrids
K. Suresh, P. Anitha, K. Manorama and P. Kiran Babu
Identification of CMS-S male-sterile cytoplasm 129
among the bunching onion (Allium fistulosum L.)
Dalasanuru Chandregowda Manjunathagowda,
Vijay Mahajan, Ram Dutta, Major Singh

Vol 10 Number-2 2021

Innovative Approaches for Enhancing Water Productivity in Agriculture
Including Horticulture
H.P. Singh and Babita Singh
Former, DDG, ICAR and Chairman, CHAI
Corresponding author:

Case Study

Vol 10 Number-1 2021

Volume 10, Number 1, 2021
Innovations in Enhancing Adaptability and Water 1
Productivity in Tropical Tuber Crops
Archana Mukherjee, J. Sreekumar, M. N. Sheela,
Sheela Immanuel, P. S. Sivakumar
M. Nedunchezhiyan, M.R. Sahoo and M. Dasgupta
Moringa: A Tree With Benefits Beyond Vegetable 23
V. Sudha Vani, R.V.S.K. Reddy and D.V. Swami
Fertigation in Citrus, a Toolkit for Sustainable 35
Quality Production
P.S. Shirgure, A.K. Srivastava and Debashish Hota
Approaches to Enhancing Water Productivity in 47
Bir Pal Singh and Krishnananda Pralhad Ingle
The Spice Economy and Covid 19: 53
Consequences, Responses and Prospects
K.V. Peter, K. Nirmal Babu, Homey Cheriyan
and Lijo Thomas
Enhancing Water Use Efficiency in Vegetable Crops 61
Anant Bahadur and K.V. Peter
Potential of Grafting in Vegetable Crops: A Review 66
Harshawardhan Choudhary and Padmanabhan, K.
Geomatics Applications to Assist Efficient Use 80
of Water For Enhancing Crop Water Productivity
- Field Level Monitoring of Crop Using Open
Access Temporal and High Spatial Resolution
Earth Observation Data
Jai Singh Parihar
Effect of Dehydration and Packing Techniques 94
on the Quality of Guava Supari
Neelima Garg, Rekha Chaurasia and Sanjay Kumar
Nursery Growth Performance of 97
Aquilaria malaccensis (Agarwood) in
Terai zone of West Bengal
Sharda Dubey, Amarendra Nath Dey and Asok Saha

Vol 9 Number-2 2020

Volume 9, Number 2, 2020
Banana research and development in India 71
- a review
H.P. Singh and Babita Singh
Techniques for enhancing water use efficiency in 77
U. Surendran, E.J. Joseph and K.V. Peter
Strategies for enhancing water productivity in 87
oil palm (Elaeis Guineensis Jacq.) – present
status and way forward
Manorama, K., Mathur, R.K. and Suresh, K.
Water management for high productivity in 95
K.J. Jeyabaskaran and S. Uma
Innovative techniques in quality planting material 104
production of spices
K. Kandiannan, Sharon Aravind, S. Aarthi, H.J.
Akshitha and K. Nirmal Babu
Innovations in breaking the yield barrier of 120
tropical vegetables
Pradeepkumar, T., Peter, K.V., Minnu Ann Jose
Development of reverse transcription duplex 131
PCR (RT-d-PCR) for simultaneous detection of the
Citrus Tristeza Virus and Indian Citrus Ringspot virus
Amol Kokane, Kapil Lawrence, Datta Surwase,
Pragati Misra, Ashish Warghane and D. K. Ghosh
Influence of potassium on yield and quality of 139
cabbage and cauliflower on alfisols under
seasonally dry tropical savanna climate
A.N. Ganeshamurthy
Evaluation of different quality planting materials 144
of turmeric (Curcuma longa L.,) by traditional
and PROTT technique
Sawargaonkar S.L., Singh A.K., Rathia G.R. ,
Painkara S.K. , Tirkery P., Sharma R.N.
Sharon A., and Krishnamurthy K.S.
Bioactive compounds and antioxidant potential 150
retention in thermally processed juice of GI tagged
Mandarin fruits (Citrus reticulata Blanco)
Dinesh Kumar, M. S. Ladaniya, Manju Gurjar and
Sunil Kumar
Effect of nutrients on growth and yield of 158
strawberry (Fragaria x ananassa Duch.)
A. Mohan, A. Kumar, A. Suma, P. Suresh Kumar

Vol 9 Number-1 2020

Volume 9, Number 1, 2020
Climate Change Impact and Water Productivity 1
in Black Pepper and Cardamom
K.S. Krishnamurthy, K. Kandiannan, V. Srinivasan,
R. Dinesh, S.J. Ankegowda, C.K. Thankamani,
K. Nirmal Babu and K.V. Peter
Innovative Approaches for Improving Water 9
Productivity in Fruits Crops
B. L. Manjunath and M.R.Dinesh
New Approaches to Enhance the Water 16
Productivity in Horticultural Crops with
Special Reference to Tamil Nadu
N. Kumar, S. Panneerselvam and P. Paramaguru
Genetic Resources from North Eastern Region 26
of India and their Role in Improvement of
Vegetable Crops
Koku, K. Tara, H. Choudhary and R.K. Yadav
Hesperidin a Major Flavonoid with High 39
Antioxidant Potential and Nutraceutical Source
in Dropped Fruits of Sweet Orange (C. sinensis
(L.) Osbeck)
Dinesh Kumar, M.S. Ladaniya, Manju Gurjar,
Sachin Mendke and Sunil Kumar
Suitable Varieties and Economic Analysis of 46
Sweet Pepper for Tropical Islands
Shrawan Singh, D.R. Singh and R.C. Srivastava
Cost and Demand Ecosystem of Vanilla 52
Production in India: Current Trends and
Economic Prospects
Lijo Thomas, S. Aarthi V. Srinivasan and
K. Nirmal Babu
Characterization of Muskmelon 56
(Cucumis melo L.) Germplasm for Mineral
B.B. Bhimappa, H. Choudhary, V.K. Sharma
and T.K. Behera
Influence of Plant Spacing and System of 62
Planting on Tree Physiology, Yield and
Quality of litchi cv. Shahi
Vishal Nath, Jyoti Singh, S.K. Pandey,
Sanjay Kumar Singh, E.S. Marboh,
Swapnil Pandey and G..S. Tiwari
New Books Received 69


Volume 8, Number 2, 2019
Telangana State Microirrigation Project: 82
A Special Purpose Vehicle to Avert Water
Scarcity and Enhance Yield, Incomes and
Environmental Sustainability
V. Praveen Rao and H.P. Singh
Bringing in Sustainable Competitive 92
Advantage for the Indian Food Industry
Naveen Kumar
High Density Planting System in 101
Mango – Prospects and Problems
N. Kumar
Innovations in Varietal Development and 108
Seed Production Technologies for Effective
Value Chain Management
Pritam Kalia and Shrawan Singh
Canopy Management for Sustainable 115
Fruit Production
Vishal Nath, E.S. Marboh, A.K. Gupta and
Narayan Lal
Integrated Membrane Process for the 127
Production of Nagpur Mandarin (Citrus
reticulata Blanco) Juice Concentrate:
Impact on Nutritional Content and
Antioxidant Activity
Dinesh Kumar, M.S. Ladaniya, Manju Gurjar,
Sachin Mendke and Sunil Kumar
Development and Validation of Fertilizer 135
Adjustment Equations for Banana cv.
Grand Naine (AAA)
K.J. Jeyabaskaran, V. Kumar and S. Uma
Comparison of Crystalline Curcumin and 143
its Nanoformulation for Bioactivity
Anees K, T.J. Zachariah, Shilpa S., Athira M.
and Ashly M.J.
Phenotyping Diversity Population of Black 150
Pepper for Phytophthora Resistance
Cissin Jose, K. Nirmal Babu, R. Suseela Bhai and
M. Anandaraj
Differential Proteomic Analysis of 158
Germinating and Non-germinating Somatic
Embryo of Banana cv. Grand Naine (AAA)
Kumaravel Marimuthu, Uma Subbaraya,
Backiyarani Suthanthiram, Saraswathi Marimuthu
Somasundaram, Kannan Gandhi, Chandrasekar


Volume 8, Number 1, 2019
Innovations in Spices Production and Value 1
Chain Management
K. Nirmal Babu, Lijo Thomas, R. Dinesh,
E. Jayasree and V. Srinivasan
Fusarium Wilt-Tropical Race 4-An 9
Emerging Threat to Banana Cultivation
and Its Management
R. Thangavelu, R. Arthee, M. Loganathan
and S. Uma
Innovations in Growing Vegetables under 22
Narayanankutty. C, Sadanand Kumbar
and K.V. Peter
Stenting Propagation – A Method in Black 35
Pepper (Piper nigrum L.) Using Wild Species
of Piper as Rootstock
Aarthi S. and N. Kumar
Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) and 40
Reverse Transcription (RT) PCR Based
Assays for the Differentiation of Black
Pepper Plants with Endogenous and
Episomal Piper Yellow Mottle Virus
P.V. Atheena, V. Ahamedemujtaba
Anju Mohandas and A.I. Bhat
PCA and Genetic Divergence Analysis in 45
Pomegranate (Punica granatum L.) Cultivars
M.K. Verma, Shiv Lal, V.K. Sharma
Harshawardhan Choudhary and Nazeer Ahmed
Response of Fenugreek (Trigonella 51
foenum-graecum L.) to Drip Irrigation
under Different Planting Patterns in
Semi-Arid Eastern Plain Zone of Rajasthan
A.C. Shivran, Dhirendra Singh, Priyanka
Kumawat, D.K. Gothwal G.L. Kumawat, H.J.
Akshitha and V.A. Muhammed Nissar
Bio Efficacy of Conika 50% WP against 56
Citrus Canker Caused by Xanthomonas
axonopodis pv.citri in Citrus (Citrus
S.M. Yadav and O.P. Singh
Evaluation and Development of Leaf Spot 59
and Leaf Blotch Resistant Lines in Turmeric
(Curcuma longa L.)
Ushamalini, C., R.K. Mishra, A.K. Mishra,
Vipin Sharma, Sharon Aravind and S. Aarthi
Optimization of Protocol for Development 62
of Seed Storage Proteins Profiles in Fennel
using SDS-PAGE
K. Ram Krishna, Naresh Parashar, Dhirendra Singh
and G.K. Mittal
Value Added Preserved Food Product from 66
Persimmon (Diospyros kaki) Fruit
Medha, Kanchan Goswami, Pratima Awasthi and
Anupama Pandey
Upgrading a Coconut Value Chain: 72
Empirical Evidence from North Kerala
K. Muralidharan, P. Subramanian, A.C. Mathew
C. Thamban, S. Jayasekhar, V. Krishnakumar and
K. Madhavan
Thesis Abstract 81