Membership Benefits of the CHAI

The Confederation of Horticulture Association of India (CHAI) offers various categories of membership, including Donor Patron, Institutional, Corporate, Association, Non-profit Organizations (NPO), and Individual Members. Membership is open to individuals, firms, organizations, and societies/associations aligned with the objectives of CHAI through a donation ranging from Rs. 10,00,000 (ten lakh only), Rs. 2,50,000 (Two lakh fifty thousand), and Rs. 40,000. As a professional academic association, CHAI aims to promote horticulture and agriculture in the country.

Membership benefit

  • • Associations, corporate entities, entrepreneurs, and individuals committed to advancing horticulture can apply for membership. The Board of Directors and the Founder and Chairman hold the right to admission.
  • • Nominations for membership must be endorsed by two existing CHAI members or the head of an institution certifying the candidate’s suitability.
  • • Upon admission, each member will receive a certificate of subscription and be honored with a fellowship plaque during the Annual General Council Meeting.
  • • Members have the option to attend Council meetings at their own cost or, in certain cases, at the cost of CHAI, subject to terms and conditions approved by the Founder and Chairman.
  • • All members and fellows are entitled to receive the International Journal of Innovative Horticulture for 15 years, free of charge.
  • • Members and fellows are eligible for nomination to awards, including the Dr. R. S. Paroda Award, Dr. B. H. Jain Award, Ram Nandan Babu Award, and any other awards instituted by CHAI.
  • • Members and fellows can seek financial assistance if their research paper is accepted at an International Conference/Symposium. Fellowship decisions will be made based on merit by a committee constituted by the Founder and Chairman. Limited fellowships for international visits are available annually.
  • • Donor Patrons, as privileged fellows of CHAI, have the opportunity to attend all meetings and provide their endorsements. They also enjoy all the benefits of a fellow and receive prominent recognition in the CHAI publications.

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