Vol 11 Number-2 2022
Volume 11, Number 2, 2022
Seven decades of vegetables research in India 135
Pradeepkumar T., Peter K.V. and Sangeetakutty M.
Seven decades of potato research in India:
achievements and future thrusts 158
Bir Pal Singh, Brajesh Singh, Milan Kumar Lal
Seventy five years of research and development in
cauliflower and cabbage: A journey from temperate
to tropicalization and aristocrats to commoners 184
Shrawan Singh, Pritam Kalia, Chander Parkash,
Sandeep Kumar, Brij Bihari Sharma
and Swati Saha
Seven decades of research on oil palm in India 198
P. Rethinam and P. Murugesan
Seventy five years of research and development
in arid and semi-arid fruit crops 214
A.K. Singh, D.S. Mishra and B.D. Sharma
Seventy five years of research and development 228
in date palm (Phoenix dactylifera L.)
R.K. Meena and B.D. Sharma
Production of high-value compounds and
innovative future products from banana:
creation of robust circular economy 243
Uma S., Suresh Kumar P. and Amelia Keran D.
Soil fertility management in fruit crops amidst
climate change: a review 259
A.K. Srivastava
Food safety issues in spices and herbs - Indian
perspective: A review 274
Rita K. Israni and S.C. Khurana
Status of biodiversity in bamboos of India 288
Harshita Negi, Salil Tewari, Ashutosh Dubey,
Rajesh Kaushal and Pallavi Bhatt