Vol 12 Number-1 2023
Volume 12, Number 1, 2023
Climate Resilient and Sustainable Development of
Horticulture-Options and Opportunities- A Review 1
H.P. Singh and N K Srinivasa Rao
Bio-intensive Pest Management Approaches for
Recently Invaded Invasive Insect Pests of
Horticultural Crops in India 15
S.N. Sushil, Gundappa B., M. Sampathkumar, K.
Selvaraj and A.N. Shylesha
Diagnostics for Production of Disease
Free Planting Material of Potato 31
Ravinder Kumar and Bir Pal Singh
Towards Self Reliance: Technology Development
for Coconut, Cocoa, and Arecanut 50
Anitha Karun, K. Muralidharan and S. Jayasekhar
Effects of Different Mycorrhiza Species and
P Doses on the Growth and Phosphorus Uptake
of Bell Pepper Plants in Field Conditions 73
Ibrahim Ortas
Performance of Elite Clones Versus Commercially 79
Grown Dashehari Mango under Sub-tropical
A.K. Singh and C.P. Singh
Performance of Acid Lime Cultivars in Laterite
Soils of Andhra Pradesh 83
Mukunda Lakshmi, L. K.T.Venkata Ramana,
D.Sreenivas Reddy and T. Rajasekharam
Stage Wise Water Requirement for Drip Irrigated
Acid Lime Orchards in Rayalaseema Region of
Andhra Pradesh 87
L Mukunda Lakshmi, K.T. Venkata Ramana,
P.S. Shigure, A.K. Srivastava and P. Prakash Patil
Optimizing Yields in Sweet Orange (Citrus sinensis
Osbeck) through Phenology based Nutrition 92
L. Mukunda Lakshmi. K.T. Venkata Ramana,
D.Sreenivas Reddy and T. Rajasekharam
Evaluation of Acid Lime (Citrus aurantifolia
Swingle) Clones for Growth, Yield and Quality
Attributes 97
Gowthami O.N.S., Mukunda Lakshmi
L., Sreenivas Reddy D., Rajasekharam T.
and Vinaya Kumar Reddy P.
Yield Response of Rhizosphere Hybridization
in Khasi Mandarin 102
Medolenuo Dzüvichü, Pauline Alila, Sentirenla
Jamir, S.P. Kanaujia,Waluniba and A. K. Srivastava
Incidence of Major Insect Pests of Tomato
Influenced by Environmental Factors in
Western Manipur 109
Rhodesh Salam, Hijam Shila Devi,
Yengkhom Suraj Singh, Imtinaro L,
H. Meronbala Devi and Waluniba
Genetic Variability and Character Association
Studies in Frenchbean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.)
Genotypes under Foot Hill Condition of
Nagaland 114
Nongothung Murry, Pankaj Kumar Shah
and S. P. Kanaujia
Efficacy of Different Trap Crops Against
Serpentine Leaf Miner in Tomato (Solanum
lycopersicum L.) 122
Imnuksungla Lemtor, Imtinaro. L, Rokozeno
and Hijam Shila Devi