Activities of the CHAI

Conferences and workshops organised

The Confederation of Horticulture Associations of India (CHAI) has played a crucial role in advancing horticulture through its partnerships in various conferences and activities. CHAI has been actively involved in fostering the development of horticulture through collaboration in numerous conferences. Some of the notable conferences organised and supported by CHAI in the past include the National Conference on Production of Quality Seeds and Planting Material - Health Management in Horticultural Crops, International Conference on Coconut Biodiversity for Prosperity, Global Conference on Meeting the Challenges in Banana and Plantain for Emerging Biotic and Abiotic Stresses, and many more.

CHAI has also facilitated knowledge-sharing workshops, national workshops, and conferences focusing on horticulture and agriculture. Notably, its Chairman served as the Chairperson of ASSOCHAM Council on Agriculture and Food Security, where CHAI’s contributions have been recognised and highlighted.

In recent years, CHAI actively participated in webinars and conferences, such as the successful webinar on Post Pandemic (COVID-19) Challenges and Options in Agriculture, in partnership with ASM Foundation. Additionally, it partnered with organisations like ICFA, CNRI, and CALIDA for various events.

In 2021, CHAI organized an impactful webinar “New Paradigms in Production and Utilisation of Fruits and Vegetables for Health and Livelihood” to commemorate the International Year of Fruits & Vegetables (IYFV) by the UN, witnessing participation from over 200 stakeholders.

In the year 2022-23, CHAI was actively supported for the Global Conference on Precision Horticulture for Improved Livelihood, Nutrition, Economic, and Environmental Services, further demonstrating its commitment to the advancement of the horticulture sector.

Looking Ahead, in the 2023-24 CHAI is actively engaged in preparations for National Conference on Digital Horticulture for food, nutrition and entrepreneurship to be organised at JAU, Junagadh for the furtherance of horticulture.

Meetings of Board of Directors and General Council Meetings

The Board of Directors convenes at least four times a year to review technical and financial progress. The General Council Meeting is held annually on either the 28th or 29th of May. The inaugural Executive Council and General Council meetings took place on 29th and 30th May 2012, respectively, during which distinguished fellows were honored with the CHAI Fellowship for their commitment to the advancement of horticulture, and various awards were presented. The second Executive Council and General Council meeting was held on 29th May 2013 in Jalgaon, where various critical issues were discussed, and fellowships were conferred upon distinguished members. The meeting which were held subsequently are as under :

3rd Annual General Council Meeting: NAU, Navsari, May 29, 2014;
4th Annual General Council Meeting: MGCGV, Chitrakoot, May 29, 2015;
5th Annual General Council Meeting: JISL, Jalgaon, May 28, 2016;
6th Annual General Council Meeting: JAU, Junagadh, May 28, 2017;
7th Annual General Council Meeting: DRPCAU, Pusa, May 28, 2018;
8th Annual General Council Meeting: GBPUA&T, Pantanagar, May 28, 2019;
9th and 10th Annual General Council Meetings: PJTSAU, Hyderabad, 29th May, 2021
11th Annual General Council Meeting: CSAUA&T, Kanpur, 29th May, 2022

10th Annual General Council Meeting reported fixed deposit reaching Rs. 90 lakh which went up Rs. 100 lakh by 11th Annual General Council Meeting.

12th Annual General Council Meeting of CHAI was held at JISL, Jalgaon, with A.K. Dalwai, IAS, Chairman, NRAA, New Delhi, as the chief guest. During the event, several categories of awards were presented to selected nominees. Dr. Singh, the Chairman of CHAI, highlighted the organization’s activities and achievements, emphasizing its commitment to furthering the field of horticulture.

Dr. Dalwai appreciated the dedication and accomplishments of the confederation, drawing a parallel with the Rotary Club and expressing hope that CHAI would experience similar growth and success in the future. The meeting provided an excellent opportunity for members to reflect on CHAI’s progress and set the course for continued development and success in advancing horticulture.

The AGC meetings serve as an important platform to discuss progress, recognize contributions, and make informed decisions in the best interest of CHAI’s objectives and the advancement of horticulture.

Institution of Awards and Fellowships

The Confederation has established a range of awards and fellowships to acknowledge the valuable contributions of scientists and other stakeholders in the research and development of horticulture and agriculture, both in India and abroad. These prestigious recognitions aim to honour individuals and organisations for their exceptional and noteworthy services in the field.

The CHAI-Honoured Fellow is conferred upon distinguished personalities who have provided exemplary leadership in the advancement of Indian Agriculture. The CHAI-Life Time Achievement Award recognizes outstanding contributions to research and development in horticulture. The CHAI-Honorary Fellow is bestowed upon individuals who have demonstrated excellence and unwavering commitment to the progress of horticulture.

Other esteemed awards include the CHAI-Dr. R. S. Paroda Award for excellence in science and technology, the CHAI-Dr. B.H. Jain Award for exceptional knowledge empowerment and dissemination, and the CHAI-Ram Nandan Babu Award for innovative farmers excelling in their farming practices. Additionally, the CHAI-JISL Fellowship is granted to support international visits for attending conferences and training.

The CHAI-Life Time Recognition Award is presented to recognize exceptional contributions and leadership in specific crop commodities. The CHAI-Appreciation Award acknowledges distinguished contributions and excellence in specialized fields. The CHAI-Dr. Ray Dissertation Award is bestowed upon the author of the best dissertation at the master’s level, while the CHAI-Dr. Kirti Singh Best Paper Award honors the author of the best scientific article published in IJIH (Indian Journal of Innovative Horticulture).

Distinguished members, as well as institutions dedicated to furthering horticulture, are conferred with the Fellow of CHAI title in various categories. Additionally, the Achiever’s’ Award was introduced to recognize the career excellence of CHAI Fellows. Moreover, a fellowship named “Donor Patron” has been initiated to recognize entrepreneurs in horticulture.

Recently, the CHAI-Kautilya Lokniti Award has been instituted to acknowledge contributions to public policy, strategic analysis, governance, and ancient philosophy. Furthermore, there are plans to institute the CHAI-Dr. H.P. Singh Young Scientist Award, commencing from the year 2024-25, to recognize young talent in the field.

These awards and fellowships celebrate the remarkable contributions made to the field of horticulture and serve as an encouragement for continued excellence and commitment in advancing agricultural research and development.

Publications of the CHAI -

The CHAI Publishes international Journal of Innovative Horticulture,

International Journal of Innovative Horticulture (IJIH)

To meet the growing demand for disseminating science-based knowledge among scientists and to further the field of horticultural science, the Confederation initiated the publication of an International Journal of Innovative Horticulture (IJIH). The journal boasts a panel of peer reviewers of national and international repute to ensure the quality and credibility of the published content.

The first issue of IJIH was launched at Bangalore by His Excellency, the Governor of Karnataka. As a publication of CHAI, the journal maintains an international outlook and welcomes original papers on multi-disciplinary aspects within the realm of horticulture. Published bi-annually, the journal includes various types of papers such as Original Research Articles, Reviews, Case Studies, New Cultivars and Technologies, Commentaries and Opinions, Policy Issues, Abstracts of Ph.D. Theses, Book Reviews, Features, Colloquia, and Workshops.

Since its inception, IJIH has successfully published 11 volumes, and the journal’s reputation is reflected in its enlistment by the National Academy of Agricultural Sciences (NAAS). The publication process for Volume 12 (1), 2023 is currently underway, furthering the journal’s commitment to advancing horticultural knowledge and promoting research in the field.

Other Publication

The team CHAI supports in editing and publishing of Sodhchintan, Book of abstract, Proceedings of the Conferences and workshops, Annual report and Gyanmanthan