From the Chairman’s Desk

Rc9hJef5twisTr1IIpYwBIu6Xk7zgmPTrtORENtv The Confederation of Horticulture Associations of India (CHAI), an ISO-9001:2015 certified non-profit organisation established in 2011, is dedicated to advancing horticulture and agriculture through research, education, and development. The CHAI encourages organisations and individuals to collaborate in pursuit of this mission. With the specific aim of strengthening, coordinating, and facilitating grass-root policies for integrated development both nationally and internationally, the CHAI is steadily emerging as a think-tank and consultative body. CHAI has initiated series of Knowledge Sharing dialogue at several locations to address topical issues involving institutions, industries, farmers, and other stakeholders. These initiatives, designed to foster knowledge sharing and inform policy formulation, serve as a guiding principle for realising the goals and objectives of climate resilient precision horticulture. Through series of workshops, conferences, symposiums, and discussions at different locations, CHAI successfully empoweres farmers with updated knowledge and provided a policy framework.

CHAI continues to partner and support the conferences organised by ASM Foundation, New Delhi and other institutions within the framework of its aims and objectives. The Chairman, Dr. H.P. Singh, delivered keynote lectures related to micro-irrigation, horticulture, and innovation at various conferences and engages in discussions. He also served as a chief guest and guest of honour at numerous events. CHAI’s role in transforming Horticulture/Agriculture has garnered considerable attention, with our fellowship tally now standing at about 450, including institutional and corporate fellows. Increasing interest in joining CHAI from corporations, institutions, societies, and individuals has bolstered our confidence to serve the community and achieve the confederation’s mandate.

The Confederation has instituted several awards to recognise the contribution of individuals. These include: (WE NEED TO GIVE NAMES). In addition CHAI Fellowship is granted to individuals and institutions in different categories, recognising their commitment to the furtherance of Horticulture.

I am confident that CHAI will emerge as an organisation that instills pride in all its fellows and furthers the cause of agriculture and horticulture. I extend my heartfelt congratulations to all the recipients of CHAI awards and express my deep gratitude to all our fellows for their active cooperation. I also thank everyone who helped in compiling this CHAI Annual Report and anticipate the continued support of all our fellows. Ultimately, I look forward to making the CHAI a global force, second to none, in serving humanity with a focus on horticulture.

H. P. Singh
The Founder and Chairman