Vol 9 Number-1 2020
Volume 9, Number 1, 2020
Climate Change Impact and Water Productivity 1
in Black Pepper and Cardamom
K.S. Krishnamurthy, K. Kandiannan, V. Srinivasan,
R. Dinesh, S.J. Ankegowda, C.K. Thankamani,
K. Nirmal Babu and K.V. Peter
Innovative Approaches for Improving Water 9
Productivity in Fruits Crops
B. L. Manjunath and M.R.Dinesh
New Approaches to Enhance the Water 16
Productivity in Horticultural Crops with
Special Reference to Tamil Nadu
N. Kumar, S. Panneerselvam and P. Paramaguru
Genetic Resources from North Eastern Region 26
of India and their Role in Improvement of
Vegetable Crops
Koku, K. Tara, H. Choudhary and R.K. Yadav
Hesperidin a Major Flavonoid with High 39
Antioxidant Potential and Nutraceutical Source
in Dropped Fruits of Sweet Orange (C. sinensis
(L.) Osbeck)
Dinesh Kumar, M.S. Ladaniya, Manju Gurjar,
Sachin Mendke and Sunil Kumar
Suitable Varieties and Economic Analysis of 46
Sweet Pepper for Tropical Islands
Shrawan Singh, D.R. Singh and R.C. Srivastava
Cost and Demand Ecosystem of Vanilla 52
Production in India: Current Trends and
Economic Prospects
Lijo Thomas, S. Aarthi V. Srinivasan and
K. Nirmal Babu
Characterization of Muskmelon 56
(Cucumis melo L.) Germplasm for Mineral
B.B. Bhimappa, H. Choudhary, V.K. Sharma
and T.K. Behera
Influence of Plant Spacing and System of 62
Planting on Tree Physiology, Yield and
Quality of litchi cv. Shahi
Vishal Nath, Jyoti Singh, S.K. Pandey,
Sanjay Kumar Singh, E.S. Marboh,
Swapnil Pandey and G..S. Tiwari
New Books Received 69