Awards and Fellowships

The Confederation has established a range of awards and fellowships to acknowledge the valuable contributions of scientists and other stakeholders in the research and development of horticulture and agriculture, both in India and abroad. These prestigious recognitions aim to honour individuals and organisations for their exceptional and noteworthy services in the field.

  • 1. CHAI Honoured Fellow: The CHAI Honoured Fellow award recognises distinguished personalities who have provided exceptional leadership for the development of Indian Agriculture. Awardees should have made significant contributions to the furtherance of Horticulture/Agriculture and must have peer recognition nationally and internationally, particularly in improving the infrastructure, policy, and programs of research and development impacting Indian Agriculture.
  • 2. CHAI-Life Time Achievement Award: The CHAI-Life Time Achievement Award recognizes outstanding contributions, scientific excellence, and distinguished services of the awardee for the cause of horticulture/agriculture research, education, and technology dissemination, which has positively impacted horticulture/agriculture.
  • 3. CHAI-Life Time Recognition Award: This award recognizes the lifetime contributions of an individual in research, development, and extension of a specific commodity, which succeeded in achieving unparalleled growth. The award is given once a year or as decided by the Board of Directors or the Chairman, and includes a citation, a plaque of honor, and a certificate. Awardees are eligible to seek financial assistance, valid for a period of two years from the date of announcement of selection. They shall become Fellows of CHAI and can avail all the benefits admissible to a Fellow of CHAI.
  • 4. CHAI-Honorary Fellow: The CHAI-Honorary Fellow recognizes individuals for their academic excellence, outstanding contributions to research and development, and exceptional leadership, which has positively impacted the quality of life in India or abroad.
  • 5. CHAI-Dr. R. S. Paroda Award: This award is instituted in the name of Padma Bhushan, Dr. R. S. Paroda, this award recognises individuals for scientific excellence in Agriculture, especially Horticulture, Biotechnology, and Environmental Sciences, and is given once a year.
  • 6. CHAI-Dr. B. H. Jain Award: This award is instituted in the name of Padma Shri Dr. B.H. Jain, who had a passion for knowledge-based agriculture and empowering youth and farmers with new technology to make farming profitable. The CHAI-Dr. B.H. Jain Award recognizes excellence in knowledge dissemination for extension workers and teachers in agriculture.
  • 7. CHAI-Ramnandan Babu Award: This award recognizes the innovations of individuals in farming for enhanced productivity of land and water, resulting in higher income per unit of land. It is given once a year and includes a citation, a plaque of honor, and a certificate. The awardee conferred with the award shall be eligible to seek financial assistance for upgradation of knowledge. The validity of the award for seeking financial assistance is for a period of two years from the date of conferment.
  • 8. CHAI-Kautilya Lokniti Award: Instituted in the name of the ancient Indian polymath, Chanakya, the CHAI-Kautilya Lokniti Award recognizes excellence in philosophy, public policy, teaching, and strategic development. This annual award comprises a citation, a plaque of honor, and a certificate.
  • 9. CHAI-Professor H.P. Singh Young Scientists Award of Excellence: This award is in honour of Dr. H.P. Singh for his contributions to national and international horticulture development. It recognizes scientific excellence in horticulture by a young scientist under 50 years of age. The CHAI-H.P. Singh Young Scientist Award of Excellence is given annually to a distinguished scientist for their impactful contributions to horticulture research, education, and extension services.
  • 10. CHAI-JISL FELLOWSHIP: This sponsored fellowship promotes the participation of young scientists, entrepreneurs, farmers, and knowledge providers in international conferences for the presentation of new innovations. One fellowship is given annually based on merit. The fellowship remains valid for seeking financial assistance for a period of two years from the date of announcement.
  • 11. CHAI-Dr. Ray Best Dissertation Award: This award recognizes the research of the student at the Ph.D. level by conferring the Dr. Ray Best Dissertation Award based on the relevance of the research topic, quality of research, output, and outcome, and its application in the field of science. It is given once a year. The awardee receives the certificate, plaque of honor, and free subscription to the Journal - International Journal of Innovative Horticulture, for the year.
  • 12. CHAI-Kirti Singh Best Paper Award: This award has been established to encourage the publication of high-quality research articles in the International Journal of Innovative Horticulture. The committee reviews the papers published in the year preceding the award and evaluates these original articles for potential conferment of the award
  • 13. CHAI-Appreciation Award: The CHAI-Appreciation Award recognizes an individual’s contributions throughout their career to the advancement of technology-led development, with clearly set goals and objectives that have made a significant difference in people’s quality of life.
  • 14. Fellow of CHAI Award: Membership or admission to the Confederation of Horticulture Associations of India (CHAI) is recognized as a Fellow of CHAI. Membership categories include Donor Patron, Corporate Fellow, Association Fellowship, Institutional Fellowship, and Individual Fellowship.
  • 15. CHAI-Associate Fellow: This fellowship aims to recognize the contributions of upcoming research scholars or scientists and facilitate their pursuit of excellence. It acknowledges individuals who bring novel concepts to science and work in any institution. Interested individuals must apply with a CV and a concept of their research program and achievements.
  • 16. CHAI-Achiever’s Award: The CHAI-Achiever’s Award acknowledges Fellows who have ascended to the level of Vice Chancellor or equivalent in their careers and have made significant contributions to horticulture research, education, extension, and development. The awardee must be a Fellow of CHAI.
Recipients of Fellowships and Awards


The distinguished personalities, who have provided leadership of par excellence for the development of Indian Agriculture are recognised by conferring Honoured Fellow of CHAI. The awardees should have contribution to the furtherance of horticulture/ agriculture and must have peer recognition at nationally and internationally, in improving the infrastructure, policy and programs of research and development impacting Indian Agriculture.

Awardees-2023 Dr. Himanshu Pathak, Secretary, DARE and DG, ICAR, MoAFW, New Delhi
Awardees-2022 Prof. (Dr.) A. K. Srivastava, Chairman, ASRB, KAB-I, New Delhi
Awardees-2021 Dr. Shailendra Joshi, IAS, Former Chief Secretary, Government of: Telangana
Awardees-2020 Dr. Rita Sharma, IAS, Former Secretary to Govt. of India, MORD
Awardees-2019 Shri Jagdish Prasad Meena, Former Secy. MoMFPI, New Delhi
Dr. Ashok Dalwai, CEO, NRAA, New Delhi
Prof. (Dr.) A. K Misra, Chairman, ASRB, New Delhi
Awardees-2018 Prof. Ramesh Chand, Member, NITI Aayog
Awardees-2017 Dr. R. B. Singh, Chancellor, CAU, Imphal & Former Chairman, ASRB
Dr. Trilochan Mohapatra, Secretary (DAE) & DG, ICAR
Awardees-2016 Dr. Rajendra S. Paroda, Chairman, TAAS
Mr. S. K. Pattanayak, Secretary, Agriculture


The Life Time Achievement Award recognizes an outstanding contribution, scientific excellence and the distinguished services of the awardee for the cause of horticulture/agriculture research, education and technology dissemination, which has impacted horticulture/agriculture development.

Awardee-2023Dr. Major Singh, Member, ASRB, DARE, MoAFW, New Delhi
Awardee-2022Dr. T. Janakiram, Vice Chancellor, Dr.YSRHU, Venkataramannagudem, A.P.
Awardee-2021Dr. P. Chowdappa, Vice Chancellor, BES&TIU, Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh
Awardee-2020Dr. S. B. Dandin, Ex-Vice Chancellor, UHS, Bagalkot
Awardee-2019Dr. James George, Former PC, AICRP, CTCRI, Trivandrum, Kerala
Awardee-2018Dr. P. Rethinam, Plantation Crops Management Specialist, Coimbatore
Awardee-2017Dr. K.V. Peter, Former, Vice Chancellor, KAU
Awardee-2016Dr. S. M. Paul Khurana, Former Vice Chancellor, India
Awardee-2015Dr. Augustin Molina, Bioversity International, Philippines
Awardee-2014Dr. H. P. Singh, Former DDG, Hort), ICAR,
Awardee-2013Dr. Prem Nath, Chairman, PNASF, India
Awardee-2012Dr. Kirti Singh, Chairman, WNRF, Chennai
Awardee-2011Dr. K. L. Chadha, President, Horticulture Society of India


Confederation of Horticulture Associations of India (CHAI) recognizes the leader in horticulture for their commitment and pursuance to achieve the goal of technology led development. This award is conferred for excellence in scientific research to the distinguished members for their outstanding achievements and significant contributions in agriculture/horticulture research, education and development.

Awardees of 2023 Dr. Bijender Singh, President, NHRDF, New Delhi
Prof. Ajeet Kumar Karnatak, Vice Chancellor, MPUAT, Udaipur, Rajasthan
Dr. J.C. Rajput, Director, R&D, Nirmal Seeds Pvt. Ltd., Pachora, Jalgaon
Awardees of 2022Dr. B. Neeraja Prabhakar, Vice Chancellor, SKLTSHU, Mulugu, Siddipet Dist., Telangana
Dr. R. K. Singh, Former Director/Vice Chancellor, ICAR-IVRI, Bareilly, U.P.
Dr. Narendra Kumar Gontia, Vice Chancellor, JAU, Junagadh, Gujarat
Dr. K. P. Singh, Vice Chancellor, M.J.P. Rohilkhand University, Bareilly, U.P.
Awardees of 2021Dr. Nazeer Ahmed, Vice Chancellor, SKUAS&TKS, Srinagar, J&K
Dr. D. R. Singh, Vice Chancellor, CSAUAT, Kanpur, UP
Dr. S. D. Sawant, BSKKV, Dapoli, Maharastra
Dr. Arvind Kumar, DDG (Research), ICRISAT, Hyderabad (CF-365)
Dr. B. N. S. Murthy, Director, ICAR-IIHR, Bangalore (CF 370)
Awardees of 2020Dr. Chindi Vasudevappa, Vice Chancellor, NIFTEM, Haryana
Dr. Ajoy Kumar Singh, Vice Chancellor, BAU, Sabour, Bhagalpur, Bihar
Dr. Tej Partap, Vice Chancellor, GBPUA&T, Pantnagar, Uttarakhand
Dr. A. K. Karnatak, Vice Chancellor, VCSGUUH&F, Bharsar, Pauri Garhwal
Prof. Arvind Kumar, Vice Chancellor, RLBCAU, Gwalior Road, Jhansi
Awardees of 2019Dr. Atanu Purkayastha, Former Secretary, ICI, GoI, New Delhi
Dr. Sanjeev Kumar Chadha, MD, NAFED, New Delhi
Dr. S. K. Malhotra, Agri Commissioner, MoA&FW, Govt. of India, New Delhi
Prof. (Dr.) Sisir Kumar Mitra, Kalyani, Nadia, West Bengal
Dr. S. K. Patil, VC, IGKV, Raipur, Chhattisgarh
Awardees of 2018Dr. Chiranjiv Chaudhary, Vice Chancellor, DrYSRHU, Venkataramannagudem, AP
Dr. Arjun Singh Saini, DG, Panchkula, Haryana
Prof. (Dr.) K. P. Singh, Vice Chancellor, CCSHAU, Hisar, Haryana
Dr. V. Praveen Rao, Vice Chancellor, PJTSAU, Telangana.
Dr. K. P. Viswanatha, Vice Chancellor, MPKV Rahuri, Nagar, Maharashtra
Mr. Bijay Kumar, Addl. Chief Secretary, Agri. and marketing
Awardees of 2017Dr. Jai Singh Parihar, Former Director, ISRO
Dr. Narsingh Narain Singh, Former Vice Chancellor, BAU, Ranchi
Dr. K. V. Peter, Former Vice Chancellor, KAU, Trichur, Kerala
Dr. Narendra Singh Rathore, DDG, Education, ICAR
Dr. V. V. Sadamate, Former Advisor, Planning Commission
Awardees of 2016 Dr. A. K. Srivastava, Director and VV, NDRI, Karnal
Dr. A. R. Pathak, Vice Chancellor, JAU, Junagadh
Dr. S. M. Paul Khurana, Former Vice Chancellor,
Dr. Balraj Singh, Vice Chancellor, JAU, Jodhpur
Awardees of 2015Mr. Surjit Chaudhary, IAS, Former Secretary, C&PC
Dr. A. K. Singh, Principal Scientist (Horticulture), CISH
Awardees of 2014Dr. H. S. Gupta, Director General, BISA
Prof. (Dr.) N. C. Gautam, Vice Chancellor
Dr. N. K. Krishna Kumar, DDG (Horticulture), ICAR
Awardees of 2013Dr. Dilip Kumar, CIFA (ICAR); Founder Member
Dr. Shyam Singh, Former Director, NRCC, Nagpur
Awardees of 2012Dr. H. P. Singh, Chairman -CHAI
Dr. D. P. Ray, Former Vice Chancellor
Dr. P. Rethinam, Plantation Crops Management Specialist
Dr. S. P. Dandin, Former Vice Chancellor
Dr. A. K. Bakhshi, Former Vice-Chancellor
Dr. D. K. Arora, Vice Chancellor, SKUAT, Jammu


This award recognizes distinguished scientific contribution of an individual in the field of agriculture specially horticulture, including biotechnology and environmental sciences.

Awardee-2023Dr. Tusar Kanti Behera, Director, ICAR-IIVR, Jakhini, Varanasi, UP
Awardee-2022Dr. Dilip Ghosh, Director, CCRI, Nagpur, Maharashtra
Awardee-2021Dr. Sanjay Sahay, Chairman, BAU, Sabour, Bhagalpur, Bihar
Awardee-2020Dr. Harshawardhan Choudhary, PS, ICAR-IARI, New Delhi
Awardee-2019Dr. Sunil Pareek, NIFTEM, Kundli, Sonepat, Haryana
Awardee-2018Dr. Gopal Lal, Director, NRCSS, Ajmer
Awardee-2017Dr Anil B. Patil, Vice President, JISL, Jalgaon
Awardee-2016Dr. D. R. Singh, Director, NRCO, Sikkim
Awardee-2015Dr. S.K. Malhotra, Agri. Commissioner
Awardee-2014Dr. Nazir Ahmed, Vice Chancellor, SKUAT Kashmir
Awardee-2013Dr. Vishal Nath, Director, NRC Litchi, Muzaffarpur
Awardee-2012Dr. Gorakh Singh, Ex-Horti Commissioner, New Delhi
Awardee-2011Dr. S. Rajan, Director, CISH, Lucknow


This award recognizes individual who have contributed for human resource development or dissemination of knowledge (teaching) and technology (extension/development), which has impacted overall development of horticulture/agriculture.

Awardee-2023Dr. A.V. Dhake, Sr. VP, Jain Irrigation Systems, Jalgaon, Maharashtra
Awardee-2022Dr. Chandeshwar Tiwari, DE, VCSGUUHF, Bharsar, Pauri, UA
Dr. Babita Singh, Project Manager, Rainforest Alliance, New Delhi
Awardee-2021Dr. P. Soman, Chief Agronomist (Global), JISL, Chennai, Tamil Nadu
Awardee-2020Dr. V. V. Sadamate, Agril. Extn. Specialist & Former Adviser
Agriculture, Planning Commission, GOI
Awardee-2019Shri. Kalyansing B. Patil, JISL, Jalgaon
Awardee-2018Dr. M. D. Ojha, Associate Prof., NCH, Noorsarai, Nalanda
Awardee-2017Dr. Ashok Kumar Mishra, Former Dean, JAU and Sr. Manager, JISL
Awardee-2016Dr. Anoop K. Srivatava, Principal Scientist, Nagpur
Awardee-2015Dr. M. R. Hegde, Former Principal Scientist and Chairman
Awardee-2014Dr. N. L. Patel, Dean, ASPEE College of Agriculture
Awardee-2013Dr. T. Jankiram, ADG (Horticulture)


This award recognizes the innovations in farming for enhanced productivity of land and water, generating higher income per unit of land.

Awardee-2023Shri Rajaram Ganu Mahajan, Tandalwadi, Raver, Jalgaon, Maharashtra
Awardee-2022Dr. Kariyanna, Hitkari Horticulture Foundation, Bangalore
Awardee-2021Shri K. Ravi Kiran, Guntur, Andhra Pradesh
Awardee-2020Shri Dharmhari Prasad Narain Singh, Progressive Farmer, Varanasi, U.P.
Awardee-2019Shri Sudhir Chadha, Indo Dutch Horti. Technology, Bhimtal, UK
Awardee-2018Shri Dinesh Kumar, Muzaffarpur, Bihar
Awardee-2017Mr. Bhagwat Patil Raver, Jalgaon
Awardee-2016Mr. D. P. N. Singh, Varanasi
Awardee-2015Mr. Sudhansu Kumar, Nayanagar, Samastipur
Awardee-2014Dr. S. S. Mehta, V.P. AIPUB, Salem


Award has been instituted in the name of an ancient Indian polymath, Chanakya, a teacher, author, strategist, philosopher, economist, jurist, and royal advisor. Chanakya has been popularly known as Kautilya or Vishnugupta. The award thus recognises the excellence in philosophy, public policy, teaching and strategies development. This award will be given once in a year and shall consist of citation, a plaque of honour and certificate.

Awardee-2023Dr. Bhongle Sudhir Jagannath, Shiveteerath Nagar, Pune, Maharashtra
Awardee-2022Prof. Rajvir Sharma, Senior Consultant, New Delhi


This fellowship is given to promote young scientists and knowledge provider to participate in international conference to take training abroad.

Awardee-2023Dr. H. Usha Nandhini Devi, Associate Professor, TNAU, Coimbatore
Awardee-2022Dr. L. Pugalendhi, Dean, TNAU, Coimbatore
Awardee-2021Dr. Dinesh Kumar, PS(H), CCRI, Nagpur, Maharashtra
Dr. Awani Kumar Singh, PS (Veg./Hort. Sci.), CPCT, IARI, New Delhi
Awardee-2020Dr. K. Murlidharan, CPCRI, Kasararagod, Kerala
Dr. P. K. Gupta, Director, NHRDF, New Delhi
Awardee-2019Dr. Sanjay Kumar Singh, Sr. Scientist, NRCL, Muzaffarpur
Dr. Kuldeep Srivastava, Sr. Scientist, NRCL, Muzaffarpur
Awardee-2018Dr. Anil Kumar Singh, DRPCAU, Pusa
Awardee-2017Dr. R. C. Srivastava, Vice Chancellor, DRAU, Pusa
Awardee-2016Dr. Manoj Kumar, Head, ICAR-CPRS, Patna
Awardee-2015Dr. S. S. Sindhu, IARI, New Delhi
Awardee-2014Dr. Sunil. Pareek, Associate Professor, NIFTEN


This award is given for best Ph.D. thesis based on relevance of topic of research, quality of research output and outcome and its application in the field of science.

Awardee-2023Dr. Sumersing Patil, KBCNU, Jalgaon Maharastra
Dr. Ravi Y., TNAU, Coimbatore
Awardee-2022Dr. Manish Kumar, IARI, New Delhi
Awardee-2021Dr. Suchismita Jena, CoHF, NAU, Navsari,
Awardee-2020Dr. Nighat Mushtaq, SKUAST, Srinagar
Awardee-2019Dr. Jogdand Sunil Mohan, GBPUA&T, Pantnagar
Awardee-2015Mr. Pawan Kumar, IARI, New Delhi
Awardee-2014Dr. S. Muthu Kumar, TNAU, Coimbatore


The Confederation of Horticulture Associations of India (CHAI) recognises the life time Contributions of an individual in research, development and extension of specific commodity, which succeeded in achieving unparalleled growth. This is given once in a year or as decided by Board of Director or Chairman, as the case may, and shall consist of a citation, a plaque of honour and certificate.

Awardee-2023Dr. Balraj Singh, VC, SKNAU, Jobner, Jaipur, Rajasthan
Awardee-2022Dr. A. K. Srivastava, CCRI, Nagpur, Maharashtra
Awardee-2018Dr. Bir Pal Singh, Former Director, CPRI, Shimla
Awardee-2017Dr. N. N. Singh, Former Vice Chancellor, BAU Ranchi
Dr. H. S. Gupta, Former Director, IARI, New Delhi


The Confederation of Horticulture Associations of India (CHAI) recognises the contributions of an individual in his or career for the advancement of technology led development with a set goal and objectives, which succeeds in bringing difference in the quality of life of the people. This award is given once in a year or as decided by the Board of Director or Chairman, as the case may be, consists of a citation, a plaque of honor and certificate.

Awardee-2023Dr Ram Awadh Ram, Ex-Principal Scientist, CISH, Rehmankhera, Lucknow
Dr. Dayaram, Former Head, Department of Mycology, DRPCAU, Pusa, Bihar
Awardee-2022Dr. Vijay Mahajan, DO&GR, Rajgurunagar, Pune
Awardee-2021Dr. Major Singh, Director, DO&GR, Rajgurunagar, Pune
Dr. R. Thangavelu, PS, NRC for Banana, Tirichirapalli, Tamilnadu
Awardee-2020Dr. Anita Karun, Director, CPCRI Kasaragod, Kerala
Dr. Jai Singh Parihar, Ex-Directpr, ISRO, Ahmedabad
Awardee-2019Prof. Salil Kumar Tiwari, GBPUA&T, Pantnagar
Shri Santosh Kr. Prasad, CA, New Delhi
Mr. Babasaheb T Gore, Ahmednagar, Maharashtra
Awardee-2018Dr. Vishal Nath, Director, NRCL, Mushahari, Muzaffarpur, Bihar
Mr. Sudhanshu Kumar (Progressive Farmer), Samastipur
Dr. Usha Singh, DRPCAU, Pusa, Samastipur
Dr. Ranjan Srivastava, Head, G.B.P.U.A&T, Pantnagar
Mr. Gyan Chand Agarwal, M/s Rajdeep Agri Product Pvt. Ltd., Delhi
Dr. Anil Kumar, Prof. &Head, G.B.P.U.A&T, Pantnagar
Awardee-2017Dr. T. P. Singh, Former Dean PG, RAU, Pusa, Samastipur
Dr. P. B. Jha, Former Chief Scientist, RAU, Pusa, Samastipur
Dr. A. V. Barad, Dean, College of Agriculture, JAU, Junagadh


1 Association Fellow

  • Association for Improvement in Production and Utilization of Banana (AIPUB, Trichy), CF-0005
  • Indian Society of Ornamental Horticulture, CF – 0006
  • Indian Potato Association, CF-0007
  • Indian Society for Plantation Crops, CF-0008
  • Indian Society for Spices, CF-0009
  • Society for Promotion of Oil Palm Research and Development, CF-0053
  • Society for Promotion of Horticulture, CF-0056
  • Aonla Growers Association of India, CF-0097
  • Horticultural Society of Gujrat, CF-171

2 Corporate Fellow

  • Dhanuka Agritech Ltd, New Delhi ,CF-251, 2017
  • Skymet Weather Services Ltd., Noida, U.P. CF-240, 2017
  • AJ Group, Jodhpur, Rajasthan, CF-235, 2016
  • Agriculture Today, New Delhi CF-222, 2016
  • Merino Group, Hapur, U.P. CF-0154, 2013
  • Florence Flora, Bangalore, Karnataka CF-0119, 2013
  • Media Today, New Delhi CF-0132, 2013
  • Aurohill Group of Company, Dubai CF-0149, 2013
  • Jain Irrigation Systems Limited, Jalgaon, Maharashtra CF- 0036, 2012

3 Institutional Fellow

  • National Horticultural Research and Development Foundation (NHRDF), New Delhi (CF-401)
  • Maharana Pratap University of Agriculture and Technology, Udaipur, Rajasthan (CF-404)
  • Nirmal Seeds Pvt. Ltd. (NSPL), Pachora, Jalgaon, Maharashtra (CF-405)
  • BSKKV, Dapoli, Ratnagiri, Maharashtra (F-362)
  • CSAUAT, Kanpur, UP (CF-356)
  • SKUAST, Srinagar, J&K, CF-355, 2021
  • Lt. Amit Singh Foundation, CF-0121
  • RLBCAU, Jhansi, CF-353, 2020
  • VCSGUUH&F, Pauri Garhwal, CF-351, 2020
  • GBPUA&T, Pantnagar, CF-349, 2020
  • SVIET, Punjab, CF-344, 2020
  • BAU, Sabour, Bhagalpur, CF-342, 2020
  • NIFTEM, Sonepat, Haryana, CF-337, 2020
  • IGKV, Raipur, CF-333, 2019
  • NAFED, New Delhi, CF-328, 2019
  • TNAU, Coimbatore, CF-325, 2019
  • Confederation of NGOs of Rural India (CNRI), New Delhi, CF-296, 2018
  • Mahatma Phule KrishiVidyapeeth (MPKV), Rahuri, Maharashtra, CF-292, 2018
  • PJTSAU, Hyderabad, Telangana, CF-289, 2018
  • CCSHAU, Hisar, Haryana, CF 284, 2018
  • Maharana Pratap Horticultural University, Karnal, CF-281, 2018
  • Department of Horticulture, Panchkula, Haryana, CF 275, 2018
  • Dr YSRHU, Venkataramannagudem, AP, CF 266, 2018
  • JAU, Junagadh, CF-250, 2017
  • PHD Chamber of Commerce, CF-195
  • The Trust for Advancement of Agricultural Sciences (TAAS), New Delhi, CF-245, 2017
  • PHD Chamber of Commerce, CF-195, 2014
  • University of Horticulture Science, Bagalkot, CF- 190, 2014
  • Navsari Agriculture University, Navsari, CF-151, 2013
  • Lt. Amit Singh Foundation, CF-0121, 2013