Volume 2, Number 2, 2013
Lactic acid fermentation of horticultural crops: Global
perspectives 101
Didier Montet and Nadine Zakhia-Rozis
Propagation of edible Dioscorea species in vitro 111
Archana Mukherjee, A. Poddar and K. Pati
Prediction of microsatellites and the annotation of repeat
sequences in partial coconut genome 117
R. Manimekalai and K.P. Manju
In vitro mutation studies in native varieties of banana 122
Veena Rathod and G. Prabhuling
Effect of water regime, mulch and reflectant on
flowering, fruiting and yield of ber (Ziziphus mauritiana
Lamk.) cv. Mundia 127
S. Mukherjee, Sunil Pareek and R. Paliwal
Regeneration potential of gerbera (Gerbera jamesonii
Bolus) cv. Quote using in vitro techniques 132
Sailendri K. Patra and Sashikala Beura
Damage and distribution of red banded mango caterpillar
(RBMC), Deanolis albizonalis (Hampson) ( Lepidoptera:
Pyralidae) – An emerging pest in Eastern India 137
H.S. Singh
Development and evaluation of soil-test-based
fertilizer tailoring equations for Ney Poovan and
Nendran bananas 142
K.J. Jeyabaskaran, M.M. Mustaffa and V. Murugan
Influence of leaflet age on leaf nutrient content for
developing leaf sampling technique in litchi cv. Shahi
and China 149
Babita Singh, K.L. Chadha and Vijay Singh
Studies on comparison of onion (Allium cepa L.)
genotypes for quantitative traits 153
R.K. Singh, P.K. Gupta and R.P. Gupta
Validation of fertilizer prescription equation of banana
in Inceptisol 159
A. D. Kadlag, S. D. Kale and S. M. Todmal
Studies on callus culture in native varieties
banana 163
G. Prabhuling and Veena Rathod
Rejuve nation i n mango c v. Ke sar and
Rajapuri 166
N.L. Patel, S.J. Patil, B.V. Padhiar, K.A. Patel and
N.B. Patel