Executive council
Chief Patron
Dr. R.S. Paroda, Former Secretary, DARE &, Chairman TAAS,New Delhi
Chairman of CHAI
Dr. H.P. Singh, Former DDG & Chairman ASSOCHAM Council of Agriculture and Food Security
Co-Chairman of CHAI
1.Dr. D.P. Ray, Former VC, QUANT, Bhubnewar
2. Dr. A.K. Srivastava, Director, NDRI, Karnal
3. Dr. Dilip Kumar, Former Director, CIFE, Mumbai & FAO
4. Dr. R.C. Srivastava, VC, Dr Rajendra Prasad Central
Agricultural University, PUSA, Bihar
General Secretary
1. Dr. R.K. Tyagi, Head, NBPGR, New Delhi
1. Prof. Babita Singh, Former Professor of Horticulture and Horti-business and Director, CHAI
2. Dr. Prabhat Kumar, Scientist, IARI, New Delhi
Financial Advisor
C.A. Santosh Kumar, SPMR, New Delhi
Dr. H.P. Singh, Chairman, CHAI
Managing Editor
Dr. R.C. Ray, Principal Scientist, CTCRI Regional Office,
Bhubneshwar, Odhisa
Executive Council
Dr. P. Rethinam, Former Executive Director, APCC, Jakarta
Mr. Ajit B. Jain, Jt. MD, JISL, Jalgaon,
Dr. Dr. Vishal Nath, Director, NRCL, Muzaffarpur, Bihar-842002;
Dr K.K. Kumar, Ex-Director, NRCL, Muzaffarpur-842002, Bihar
Dr. Balraj Singh, VC, Jodhpur Agriculture University,
Sudhanshu Kumar, Progressive farmers, Samastipur
Dr. T Jankiram, ADG (Hort. Sci), ICAR, New Delhi
Dr. S.S. Sindhu, Head, IARI, New Delhi
Mr. Prakash Lohia, MD, Merino Industries Ltd, Hapur-245101
Dr. D.R. Singh, Director, NRC Orchids, Sikkim
Dr. K.V. Prasad, Director, DFR, Pune-411005
Dr. Neelima Garg, Head, CISH, Lucknow.
Dr. S.S. Mehta, President, Aonla Growers Association, Salem.
Regional Units
Coimbatore, President Dr. P. Rethinem, Plantation Crops
Management Specialist 18, Lakshmi Nagar, S.N. Palayam, Coimbatore-
641007, Tamil Nadu;

Bangalore, Dr. P. Chowdappa, Director, Central Plantation Crops
Research Institute, Kudlu, P.O. Kasaragod, Kerala-671124

Pusa, Bihar, Dr. Vishal Nath, Director, NRC on Litchi, Mushahari Farm,
Muzaffarpur, Bihar-842002

Ajit B. Jain, Jt. MD, JISL, Jalgaon


Confederation of Horticulture Associations of India (CHAI), an ISO- 9001:2008 certified non profiting organisation, established during 2010, is commitment for the furtherance of horticulture/agriculture research, education and development, through bringing organisations and individuals to work together in mission mode. CHAI is striving hard to achieve its goal of technology-led development by exploring and providing innovative solutions. CHAI is working on horticulture and agriculture tirelessly with set goals and commitments. It conducts and organizes various national/international/global conferences and workshops for the exchange of informations and knowledge to develop the strategies for addressing the emerging concerns with scientific solutions. For the dissemination of knowledge, the CHAI brings out various publications like Books, Journals, Reports and Newsletters. International Journal of Innovative Horticulture, which publishes scientific articles, short notes, review articles and case studies and is brought out six monthly. To promote innovative ideas, the CHAI has instituted many awards which inspires individuals and team for the innovations and excellence. The CHAI offers various categories of subscription i.e. organization, associations, corporate, NPO and individual. The CHAI is headed by Dr. H. P. Singh as The Founder and Chairman, who is well known globally for his outstanding contributions to horticulture/agriculture research, education and development. The CHAI established its units in many states to serve agriculture/horticulture at regional level also.


CHAI is committed for the development of agriculture/horticulture by providing solutions to the problems, utilizing the services of talented experts in the field of agriculture/ horticulture, and disseminate the knowledge.


The vision of the CHAI is to bring synergy among different societies/associations, experts and entrepreneurs to encourage effective participation of all stakeholders for accelerating the economic growth through technological interventions and human resource development.

Goal of CHAI

The goal of CHAI is to play a catalytic role, in addressing the concerns of food and nutritional security, through interventions of technology-led agriculture / horticulture development.