Institution of and Fellowships

To recognise the contribution of scientists and other stakeholders in the research and development of horticulture/agriculture in the country and also abroad, the Confederation has instituted various awards to recognise the distinguished and noticeable services of individuals and organisations. The distinguished personalities, who have provided leadership of par excellence for the development of Indian Agriculture are recognised by conferring Honoured Fellow of CHAI. Life Time Achievement Award is given for outstanding contributions, in research and development of horticulture. The distinguished members are also honoured with Honorary Fellowship, for their excellence and commitment to furtherance of horticulture. Dr. R.S. Paroda Award is given for excellence in science and technology, Dr. B H Jain Award recognises an excellence in knowledge creation and dissemination, Ram Nandan Babu Award is given to innovative formers for their excellence in farming, JISL Fellowship is for visit abroad, Dr. D. P. Ray Dissertation Awards is given for best thesis at Master’s level and CHAI-Best Paper Award is given for best scientific article published in IJIH. The distinguished members with the commitment to the furtherance of horticulture are conferred with Fellowship of CHAI.


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