Strength of CHAI

The CHAI has wide spectrum of experts, who are enrolled as fellow to support the technology-led development and provide strategic expert advice.

The Chairman, having held the position of DDG, ICAR; Vice-Chancellor, RAU, Pusa; Horticulture Commissioner, Govt. of India and many other positions, known nationally and internationally in the field of research, education and development has expertise in horticulture, water management, nutrient management, quality seed and planting material production and above all coordination, planning and execution of project and education.

More than 230 fellows of CHAI have expertise in various aspects of agriculture/ horticulture.

Besides, the fellows, more than 100 experts in different fields from India and abroad are enrolled with CHAI.

CHAI has offices in Delhi, Patna, and Bangalore and also in Dubai to attend to all the types of work for business solution options.

The CHAI is also a non-profiting company, and has established network with institutions, academy, corporate, business house, NGOs and also International organizations.

The network of CHAI, expertise of skilled fellow and standing experts makes the confederation to offer knowledge and its management strategies for modernising agriculture/horticulture and serve the nation.