Aims and Objectives of CHAI

Furtherance of agriculture / horticulture through improved cooperation by integrating scientific study, education and knowledge exchange of biological, ecological, environmental, sociological and economic issues that affect agriculture / horticulture.

To catalyze the efforts of development by creating associations for interaction among all agriculture/horticulture societies/ associations, growers, entrepreneurs, policy planners and activists through consultations, organisation of seminars, conferences, meetings, national dialogue and trainings.

To establish, promote, run, maintain and support the community for the promotion in advancement of agriculture/horticulture, and to serve as an apex organisation concerned with promotion of agriculture / horticulture, having linkages with various commodity/ input, organisations, institutes and Governmental and Non-Governmental organizations.

To establish education and training institutions for human resource development and skills up gradation for meeting the needs of empowered human resource.

To recognize the services of people in horticulture through incentives, awards and encourage the scientists for their participation in national and international events.

To establish education and research institutions and provide expert guidance to organisations as well as individual to capitalize on the strength and build human resource.

To take up all the activities, deemed to be fit, in achieving goals and mission of the Confederation for furtherance of horticulture/agriculture for economic developments.