About The CHAI

Confederation of Horticulture Associations of India (CHAI), an ISO- 9001:2008 certified non profiting organisation, established during 2010, is commitment for the furtherance of horticulture/agriculture research, education and development, through bringing organisations and individuals to work together in mission mode. CHAI is striving hard to achieve its goal of technology-led development by exploring and providing innovative solutions. CHAI is working on horticulture and agriculture tirelessly with set goals and commitments. It conducts and organizes various national/international/global conferences and workshops for the exchange of informations and knowledge to develop the strategies for addressing the emerging concerns with scientific solutions. For the dissemination of knowledge, the CHAI brings out various publications like Books, Journals, Reports and Newsletters. International Journal of Innovative Horticulture, which publishes scientific articles, short notes, review articles and case studies and is brought out six monthly. To promote innovative ideas, the CHAI has instituted many awards which inspires individuals and team for the innovations and excellence. The CHAI offers various categories of subscription i.e. organization, associations, corporate, NPO and individual. The CHAI is headed by Dr. H. P. Singh as The Founder and Chairman, who is well known globally for his outstanding contributions to horticulture/agriculture research, education and development. The CHAI established its units in many states to serve agriculture/horticulture at regional level also.


CHAI is committed for the development of agriculture/horticulture by providing solutions to the problems, utilizing the services of talented experts in the field of agriculture/ horticulture, and disseminate the knowledge.


The vision of the CHAI is to bring synergy among different societies/associations, experts and entrepreneurs to encourage effective participation of all stakeholders for accelerating the economic growth through technological interventions and human resource development.

Goal of CHAI

The goal of CHAI is to play a catalytic role, in addressing the concerns of food and nutritional security, through interventions of technology-led agriculture / horticulture development.

Aims and Objectives of CHAI

  • Furtherance of agriculture / horticulture through improved cooperation by integrating scientific study, education and knowledge exchange of biological, ecological, environmental, sociological and economic issues that affect agriculture / horticulture.
  • To catalyze the efforts of development by creating associations for interaction among all agriculture/horticulture societies/ associations, growers, entrepreneurs, policy planners and activists through consultations, organisation of seminars, conferences, meetings, national dialogue and trainings.
  • To establish, promote, run, maintain and support the community for the promotion in advancement of agriculture/horticulture, and to serve as an apex organisation concerned with promotion of agriculture / horticulture, having linkages with various commodity/ input, organisations, institutes and Governmental and Non-Governmental organizations.
  • To establish education and training institutions for human resource development and skills up gradation for meeting the needs of empowered human resource.
  • To recognize the services of people in horticulture through incentives, awards and encourage the scientists for their participation in national and international events.
  • To establish education and research institutions and provide expert guidance to organisations as well as individual to capitalize on the strength and build human resource.
  • To take up all the activities, deemed to be fit, in achieving goals and mission of the Confederation for furtherance of horticulture/agriculture for economic developments.

Initiatives of CHAI

The confederation has successfully organised and supported national and international conferences, workshops and national consultations and, services in education, and is providing solutions to the problems. Awards and Fellowships are instituted to recognise the contributions of scientists and other stakeholders in the research and development in the country and also abroad. The Confederation has instituted various awards, which includes Honored Fellowship for leadership of par excellence, Life Time Achievement Award for distinguished life time contributions in horticulture, Honorary Fellowship for noticeable contributions, and commitment to furtherance of horticulture, Dr. R. S. Paroda Award for Excellence in research and academics. Dr. B.H. Jain Award for excellence in transfer and diffusion of technology and Ram Nandan Babu Award for excellence in farming. CHAI Fellowship is conferred to members for their commitment in furtherance of agriculture / horticulture. JISL fellowship is provided for training abroad to meritorious members. Considering the needs for dissemination of science based knowledge among scientists for the furtherance of agriculture/ horticulture science, an International Journal of Innovative Horticulture (IJIH) is also published besides newsletter and books, which has over whelming response. To encourage the students, the CHAI has instituted Dr. D. P. Ray Best Dissertation Award for the students who have completed masters and Best Paper Award for scientific article published in IJIH, are also awarded.

Strength of CHAI

  • The CHAI has wide spectrum of experts, who are enrolled as fellow to support the technology-led development and provide strategic expert advice.
  • The Chairman, having held the position of DDG, ICAR; Vice-Chancellor, RAU, Pusa; Horticulture Commissioner, Govt. of India and many other positions, known nationally and internationally in the field of research, education and development has expertise in horticulture, water management, nutrient management, quality seed and planting material production and above all coordination, planning and execution of project and education.
  • More than 230 fellows of CHAI have expertise in various aspects of agriculture/ horticulture.
  • Besides, the fellows, more than 100 experts in different fields from India and abroad are enrolled with CHAI.
  • CHAI has offices in Delhi, Patna, and Bangalore and also in Dubai to attend to all the types of work for business solution options.
  • The CHAI is also a non-profiting company, and has established network with institutions, academy, corporate, business house, NGOs and also International organizations.
    The network of CHAI, expertise of skilled fellow and standing experts makes the confederation to offer knowledge and its management strategies for modernising agriculture/horticulture and serve the nation.

Activities of CHAI

National and International Conferences Supported as Synergy and Knowledge Partner:
In the preceding years, the Confederation has catalyzed the development of horticulture though partnering in activities of conference organized by various organizations on emerging issues, which has helped in developing strategies for research and development. The conferences supported in past are National Conference on Production of Quality Seeds and Planting Material – Health Management in Horticultural Crops, 11-14th, March, 2010, New Delhi; National Conference on Horticultural Bio-diversity for Livelihood, Economic Development and Health Care, 28-31st, May, 2010, Bangaluru; International Conference on Coconut Biodiversity for Prosperity, 25-28th, October, 2010, Kasargod, Kerala; Global Conference on Meeting the Challenges in Banana and Plantain for Emerging Biotic and Abiotic Stresses, 10-13th, December, 2010, Trichy, Tamil Nadu; National Symposium on Molecular Approaches for Management of Fungal Diseases of Crop Plants 15-20th, December, 2010, Bangaluru; National Conference on Horti Business-Linking Farmers with Market, 28-31st May, 2011, Dehradun, Uttarakhand; Global Conference on Augmenting Production and Utilization of Mango: Biotic and Abiotic Stresses, 21-24th, June, 2011 Lucknow; Global Conference on Horticulture for Food, Nutrition and Livelihood Options, 28-31st, May, 2012, Bhubaneswar; National Conference on Sub -Tropical Fruits, 9-12th, January, 2013, Navsari, Gujarat; Brain Storming Session on Nano-Bio-Information Technology for the Development of North Western Himalayan States, 12-13th, July, 2013, Pantnagar, Uttarakhand; National Workshop on Urban and Peri-Urban Horticulture, 21st December, 2013, Navsari, Gujarat; National Conference on Value Chain Management in Mango, 20-22nd, March, 2014 Kolar, Karnataka; Global Conference on Technological Challenges and Human Resource for Climate Smart Horticulture – Issues and Strategies, 28-31st, May, 2014, GAU, Navsari, Gujarat ; National Conference onDynamics of Urban and Peri-Urban Horticulture, 21st October , PHD house, New Delhi; National Conference on Dynamics of Smart Horticulture for Livelihood and Rural Development, organised by ASM Foundation, New Delhi and MGCGV, Chitrakoot, Satna, Madhya Pradesh, from 28-31, May, 2015. CHAI was a Knowledge Partner in Smart Agriculture- Geo Agri with the theme: “Technologies empowering Indian Agriculture” organised at NOIDA on 2nd -3rd March, 2016.

Institution of Awards and Fellowships

To recognise the contribution of scientists and other stakeholders in the research and development of horticulture/agriculture in the country and also abroad, the Confederation has instituted various awards to recognise the distinguished and noticeable services of individuals and organisations. The distinguished personalities, who have provided leadership of par excellence for the development of Indian Agriculture are recognised by conferring Honoured Fellow of CHAI. Life Time Achievement Award is given for outstanding contributions, in research and development of horticulture. The distinguished members are also honoured with Honorary Fellowship, for their excellence and commitment to furtherance of horticulture. Dr. R.S. Paroda Award is given for excellence in science and technology, Dr. B H Jain Award recognises an excellence in knowledge creation and dissemination, Ram Nandan Babu Award is given to innovative formers for their excellence in farming, JISL Fellowship is for visit abroad, Dr. D. P. Ray Dissertation Awards is given for best thesis at Master’s level and CHAI-Best Paper Award is given for best scientific article published in IJIH. The distinguished members with the commitment to the furtherance of horticulture are conferred with Fellowship of CHAI.